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The Opticians Page - If you wear glasses or contact lenses like ourselves, you will know how important it is to shop around. These Optical wizards will help you get your sight back.

If you want traditional methods to correct your vision or laser eye surgery, for a more permanent vision improvement, these links may help. Click on the links below if your prescription needs checking:

Glasses Direct

Eye Experts

Goggles 4 U



Expired Programs:

Vision Direct (affilwin)

Get Lenses (affilwin)

Shade Station (affilfu) (affilwin)

Bargain Sun Specs (affilfu) (affilwin)

Site 4 Eyes (affilfu)

Internet Specs (affilfu)

Contacts Direct (affilfu)

Your Lenses (affilfu)

The Contact Lens Shop (affilfu)